WALKU – BambooTree Pvt Ltd

WALKU is an addiction
We will strive to make you crave for it.
It is an initiative by health care professionals with
a vision to promote health and fitness in India as
well as abroad. Inspired by WHO’s global program “Let’s Be Active” 2018-2030, WALKU! targets to increase your level of physical activity
by 25 percent. “
WALKU is unique!! It brings out the best from each fitness enthusiast. It is a well-known fact that humans perform better in case of adversity and they have in-built mechanism to embrace the challenges to prove their tranquility.
WALKU App ignites the minds of lazy freaks and activates them like a catalyst. Once an individual gets a challenge from the peers or throws a challenge to them, he gets inspired to be transformed into a fitness machine that he has never explored within himself. WALKU inspires an individual to explore his hidden potential.
The App is based on competitive walking between users. You can Challenge a friend to walk between any two cities on the globe. The thrill is in maintaining your fitness levels at prime, all the time. The distance that you walk, will be plotted on actual intercity maps, will urge you to reach at your destination faster than your opponent.
WALKU has integrated the best fitness apps of the world to enable you to track your distance walked accurately. To make your every step walked counted in the challenge,
we have integrated Apple health, S Health, Google Fit, Garmin, Fitbit, and Google maps.
Unleash the Cheetah in you. Join WALKU and perform exceptionally beyond imagination!!