Recelery – Mobile Developers of Berkeley

Make money and prevent food waste by using Recelery. Simply start by creating a grocery list and check items off as you shop at the store. With Recelery, now you know what you have in your refrigerator and pantry. Receive an alert before your food expires. Keep what you want, and if you bought too much, conveniently resell the rest. No need to go to the grocery store to buy one or two items for a recipe! Now you can find fresh food only blocks away.

Recelery is a mobile pantry management system and online marketplace, where you can buy and sell groceries locally. Staying organized allows you to throw away less food and spend less money. You will always know what you need, when you will need it.

ShoeCapp – Manage your shoes – Achim Galonska

Use ShoeCapp now to collect and present all of your shoes at one central, handy place.

– Can’t remember in which shoe box you have the shoe you want to wear today ? Just select this shoe and swipe through your pictures including the one of the box 🙂

– Not sure which shoes to wear today ? Let’s get inspired by swiping through your own shoe gallery.

– Need a special color of shoes for your dress of the day ?Just use the filter criteria and swipe throught the filtered results to support your selection of the day

Easily collect and catalog all of your shoes with one or several photos of shoes and cartons plus your comments and filterable brands, colors, and individual tags.

Talking with friends about your fashion style will become more convenient having all of your shoes in your pocket!

Have all of your shoes just one click away will be helpful while being shopping, wondering which shoes are already bought or which ones still missing!

Supporting all screen sizes and Dark Mode.

Use ShoeCapp now to manage all of your shoes at one central, handy place. It was never easier !

省心收租 – 萍 刘



Christian Houston stickers – Ningbo Gaoxinqu Jufeng Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Christian Houston stickers is a sticker application.

Christian Houston stickers make your chat pictures more diverse, chat more fun.

You can use this app in iMessage, or share and save stickers.

How to use stickers:
• TAP a sticker to add it to your message thread
• PEEL and PLACE stickers on top of message bubbles or photos, just tap, hold and drop!
• LAYER stickers over each other in conversations in iMessage

Baby Bull – Luke Pak Yin Rhyme

Baby Bull is an iOS app-based startup that provides investors with a smart, portable and secure investment journal.

– We have created a digital space that acts as a notebook with tools to support investors that use it to store their investment notes and thoughts.

– Our app is focused to help investors or individuals who want to start investing that are also willing to take a slower but more rewarding path that will build a more solid foundation in order to make sustained and consistent profits through investing.

– We are not here to support the gamblers; we are here to support the younger generation of Warren Buffetts.

– Our mission is to create the best experience for investors willing to learn how to journalise their investments;

– Our vision is to create an all in one social investment platform for beginners to become the next generation of legendary investors

ShobKhobor – Dream Diver

As the name suggests, ’Shob khobor’ is a special kind of news portal where you can fulfill all your news needs from all the trusted news sources, all in one place. You can access all the major and trustable newspapers, TV news videos and live TV channels just from the palm of your hand. you are literally just a click away to keep yourself updated with all of what’s happening in Bangladesh or around the world! Everything is categorized in the perfect way so that you can jump on to your favorite category in a split second. The extra visual feedback will make you at home as if you’re reading on a real paper. And the newsfeed is arranged brilliantly to exhibit a very clean outlook, so that each and every word pops up from the screen and people of every ages find it very easier to read them. To find more about our app please refer to the following-


• Realtime news updates, our team work relentlessly to bring the best news from custom sources, also our unique AI algorithm catches news instantly from the proper sources and categorizes instantly. So the end result is, you will enjoy the updated news instantly!
• Our Clean UI makes it easy to read on screen making it easier for your eyes.
• Smooth and fast news loading.
• All verified news sources, so you don’t need to worry about the authenticity.
• Unique categories to choose from, you get what you’re looking for.
• Live TV stream, so many channels to choose from.
• You can read offline! (But you must be online for the news to update).
• Top news from Bangladesh and all around the world.
• Zoom in/Zoom out functionality.
• Sorted news video clips from different TV channels.

Our team always works very hard to keep the information updated and keep our app updated as well. So, you can expect to see great improvements in the future. And the best thing is you can enjoy all of these for FREE!


Ứng dụng cho bác sĩ

Ứng dụng cho bác sĩ của Medigo kết nối nhu cầu tư vấn sức khoẻ từ xa của bệnh nhân với các bác sĩ liên kết.

Trong tình hình hiện nay, nhiều bệnh nhân hạn chế ra khỏi nhà và có nhu cầu được tư vấn sức khoẻ trực tuyến với các bác sĩ uy tín.

Nếu bạn là bác sĩ và muốn tận dụng thời gian của mình để giúp đỡ nhiều bệnh nhân hơn, hãy đăng ký ngay để trở thành bác sĩ đối tác Medigo.

Bạn đã là bác sĩ liên kết của Medigo, chỉ cần cài đặt ứng dụng sau đó đăng nhập bằng tài khoản của bạn.

Tải ứng dụng và đăng ký ngay hôm nay!

OJApp – Jugendhilfe Werne

Herzlich Willkommen bei der App der Offenen- Kinder und Jugendarbeit der Jugendhilfe Werne! 

In unserer neuen OJApp findest du alles was für dich an Info’s in Bezug auf dein Jugendzentrum und alle anderen Einrichtungen der Jugendhilfe Werne wichtig ist. 

Du wirst über alle Veranstaltungen, Angebote und Öffnungszeiten informiert und auf Wunsch benachrichtigt, um nichts mehr zu verpassen. Du kannst dich für Veranstaltungen anmelden oder einfach nur schauen was gerade in deinem Jugendzentrum aktuell ist. 

Wir freuen uns auf dich!

Charlotte Richardson stickers – Ningbo Gaoxinqu Jufeng Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Charlotte Richardson stickers is a sticker application.

Charlotte Richardson stickers make your chat pictures more diverse, chat more fun.

You can use this app in iMessage, or share and save stickers.

How to use stickers:
• TAP a sticker to add it to your message thread
• PEEL and PLACE stickers on top of message bubbles or photos, just tap, hold and drop!
• LAYER stickers over each other in conversations in iMessage

Cosmic Cocktail – Audiobook – THDT

Cosmic Cocktail – Audiobook

Listen online or download chapters!
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The ordinary atoms that make up the known universe – from our bodies and the air we breathe to the planets and stars – constitute only 5 percent of all matter and energy in the cosmos. The rest is known as dark matter and dark energy, because their precise identities are unknown. The Cosmic Cocktail is the inside story of the epic quest to solve one of the most compelling enigmas of modern science – what is the universe made of? – told by one of today’s foremost pioneers in the study of dark matter.

Download and enjoy!