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Cosmo Mission Control gives parents incredible tools to communicate with and monitor their kids. From messaging, voice and video calls, to gps tracking, location history and geo-fencing.

Cosmo Technologies has designed this service for families. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing where your child is and how to reach them at all times. In turn, your kids will enjoy more freedom and wait a couple more years before getting an adult smartphone.

In these challenging times of data privacy, Cosmo is committed to never gathering or using your data for advertising purposes.

1. communication: with Sim card in the watch, you can initiate and receive calls, allowing you to communicate with your kids at any time and any place.

2. Auto answer: when you enable this function you can call your child’s watch and it will automatically answer

3. Voice chat: watch and Cosmo APP can message each other, enhancing communication between you and your child

4. Location: Enable the watch’s multiple positioning technology (GPS+LBS, for some watches WIFI is also available). You can track your child’s real-time location with the Cosmo APP.

5. Pedometer: The watch will send step count to the APP and record your child’s movement every day

6.Safety zone: The Cosmo APP can automatically set up a Geo-fence. When the watch leaves the safety zone you will receive an alert.