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UTrakk Floor Tour

UTrakk Floor Tour is an enterprise productivity tools that allows department manager from various sector such manufacturing, food processing, construction, and services to collect qualitative and quantitative data to improve their productivity in real time. UTrakk is designed to carry out proactive management activities requiring rigor and follow-up (Gemba Walk, Continuous Improvement Tour, Safety Tour, Audit 5S and others).

UTrakk Floor Tour allows the manager to:
– consult key management activities schedule (by example: Supervision Tour)
– run the supervision tour
– collect quantitative and qualitative data from various checklists linked to checkpoints
– identify and document performance gaps
– create and communicate corrective action

UTrakk Field Tour increases your managers’ ability to identify, communicate and resolve productivity gaps on a day-to-day basis. In short, UTrakk Field Tourallows your teams to get the most out of your business processes.

Please contact us for company pricing (*) and full product demo visit us at https://www.utrakk.com

Why was UTrakk created?
At Proaction TI, we believe that today’s manager needs to relate to his teams both humanly and technically. Combining day-to-day operational rigour with continuous improvement of the manager’s skills is our business. UTrakk is designed to support this vision.

* Pricing depends on your company configuration and processes.