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Unit conversion tool that you may need in your daily life, in your lessons, and at work. With a simple, useful interface, you can convert any unit you want to another unit and use it in your calculations. All you have to do is enter the category and choose the units to convert the amount. It’s that simple!

You can easily convert commonly used units with our unit conversion tool. This app a universal unit converter and measure tool that can convert units of different categories.

– Length Converter:

Angstrom, Astronomic Unit, Centimeter, Chain, Fathom, Feet, Furlong, Inch, Kilometer, Light Year, Meter, Mile, Millimeter, Nautical Mile, Parsec, Yard

– Velocity (Speed) Converter:

Centimeters Per Hour / Per Minute / Per Second, Feet Per Hour / Per Minute / Per Second, Furlongs Per Fortnight, Inches Per Hour / Per Minute / Per Second, Kilometers Per Hour / Per Minute / Per Second, Knots, Light, March, Meters Per Hour / Per Minute / Per Second, Miles Per Hour / Per Minute / Per Second

– Temperature Converter:

Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Rankine Raumur

– Mass (Weight) Converter:

Atomic Mass Unit, Drachm, Dram, Firkin, Grain, Gram, Hundred Weight, Kilogram, Milligram, Pennyweight, Quarter, Scruple, Short Hundredweight, Short Ton, Slug, Stone, Tonne, Troy Ounce, Troy Pound, UK Ton, US Ounce, US Pound

– Volume (Capacity) Converter:

Centiliters, Coffee Spon, Cubic Centimeter, Cubic Decimeter, Cubic Feet, Cubic Inch, Cubic Kilometer, Cubic Meter, Cubic Mile, Cubic Millimeter, Cubic Yard, Cup, Dashes, Deciliter, Drachm, Dram, Drop, Dry Barrel, Gallon, Liquid Barrel, Liter, Millimeter, Pinche, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, UK Bushel, UK Fluid Ounce, UK Gallon, UK Gill, UK Minim, UK Peck, UK Pint, UK Quart, US Bushel, US Fluid Ounce, US Gill, US Liquid Quard, US Minim, US Peck

– Angle Converter:

Circle, Degree, Gon, Grade, Mil, Minute, Nautical Rhumb, Quadrant, Radian, Revolution, Second, Turn

– Energy Converter:

BTU, Calorie, Electron Volt, Ergs, Foot Pound Force, Joule, Kilogram Force Meter, Kilowatt Hour, Newton Meter, Therm, Watt Hour

– Time Converter:

Blink, Century, Cesium133, Day, Decade, Fortnight, Hour, Lunar Year, Microfortnight, Microsecond, Millenia, Minute, Millisecond, Month, Nanosecond, Second, Sidereal Day, Sidereal Hour, Sidereal Minute, Sidereal Second, Sidereal Week, Sidereal Year, Tick, Week, Year

– Area Converter:

Acre, Barn, Hectare, Rood, Square Centimeter, Square Decimeter, Square Feet, Square Inch, Square Meter, Square Millimeter, Square Rod, Square Yard, Square Mile

– Computer Data Converter
– Female Shoe Size Converter
– Male Shoe Size Converter
– Speed Converter
– Power Converter

It is now effortless to translate between thousands of measurement units.

Unit Converter works entirely offline without the need for an internet connection. A measurement conversion tool is here to make your life easier. Download now for free.