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WARNING: SatSquatch will use large amounts of data, especially when animating loops. WiFi or unlimited data plan is recommended for heavy use.

SatSquatch is a tool designed for weather professionals and enthusiasts looking to display imagery from the GOES weather satellites (GOES-16, GOES-17 coming soon) in a user-friendly and responsive interface.

The base version of SatSquatch allows access to all available base satellite layers (full list below) as well as custom derived products such as true color or visible/infrared composite layers. The application also allows users to loop through up to 50 images and toggle overlays for their location, state borders, country borders, major highways, SPC outlook, etc.

Upgrade to SatSquatch Pro (4.99/mo) to overlay vital meteorological information such as temperature, dewpoint, or derived quantities such as convective available potential energy (CAPE) from our custom mesoanalysis. Our mesoanalysis updates at a high frequency (every 15 minutes) and at a fine resolution (grid spacing of ~3km).

A free, web-based version of this tool is located at

Available Layers:

– Band 1: Blue Visible
– Band 2: Red Visible

– Band 7: Shortwave Window IR
– Band 8: Upper-level Water Vapor IR
– Band 9: Mid-level Water Vapor IR
– Band 14: Legacy Window IR

– True Color
– Snow/Ice RGB
– Day Microphysics RGB
– Fog Detection
– Vis/IR Composite

Available Sectors:
– Full Disk (Slightly truncated N and S)
– Mesoscale1
– Mesoscale2

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