Plaak Pay – Plaak Pte Ltd

Introducing The PLAAK Pay –

A blockchain powered & ultra-secure, digital asset & identity storage application.

Built with the latest in cutting-edge and high-tech security, no other application in the world compares!

Customizable biometric login and cold wallet storage are available to all users as standard.

Download and register for free!


Customizable Biometric Login – No one can pretend to be you with optional fingerprint, retina & facial scans as well as voice recognition used to login to your account.

Global Auto KYC – Ensuring all of our users are real, genuine people.

Personal Cold Wallet Storage – All user funds are stored off-line in their own privately accessed cold wallet.

One-Login – Once logged into The Pay App, users can move between our ecosystem applications without having to sign into each app separately.

PLAAK Ecosystem Integration – The Pay application links seamlessly to our other Ecosystem apps for a smooth user experience and superior security features.

This is only the beginning! The Pay application has been built to be scalable and with the future of technology in mind.