Soda Sleep – Kristoffer Joner

Soda sleep

Soda Sleep is an app that guides the body and mind and nature to help you have a better night’s sleep.
Soda sleep is a natural and sound-themed health and wellness application that helps you relieve stress and relax your sleep. It is mainly combined with various natural sound scenes to form “SLEEP”. This is a way to get away from fast-paced moments into another quiet time and space. Consistent with soda sleep for a higher quality sleep.

1. The voice of nature:
 – Choose high quality sounds from the natural world and create travel through time and space.
 – With the original features of music fusion, you can enjoy white noise while playing music.
 – Available in the function module: SLEEP.

2. Sleep and nap:
 – A variety of natural sounds can help you get a good night’s sleep.
 – During the day and night, you can switch between fast snoring mode and sleep mode as needed.
 – Gently wake up to make getting up easier.
 – A gentle alarm clock that wakes up every time for a wonderful experience.

3. Minimalist design:
 – Minimalist interface design and the concept of “less is more”.
 – Support for iPad Pro split view, multitasking and landscape mode.

Suitable for the crowd:
 – The urban population suffers from sleep problems.
 – Delay procrastinators who have difficulty.
 – Creative workers who are often disturbed by noisy environments.
 – High-stressed people who are chronically anxious and tired.
 – A meditation practitioner who wants to achieve peace of mind and body.
 – People who want a better self version.