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MySound is a social media app that allows you to share music with your friends! Follow friends, and when they share a playlist or song it will appear on your timeline. Just click play and open it in Spotify or Apple Music. One of the worst parts of trying to share music is not being on the same music streaming platform as your friends. Once again, you could download a pesky playlist converter, but you want something more simple. MySound bridges the gap between streaming services, allowing you to share music easily. Now you can listen to your friends’ playlists right when they share it on MySound. The best part is… it’s free!

Opportunity for Growth
If you get the most liked playlist of the week, you can appear on our discover page! People can find your account, listen to your playlists and follow you as an amazing playlist curator.

– Share and like playlists and songs
– Convert playlists between Spotify and Apple Music
– Follow friends and see what music they share
– View top playlists and songs of the week on the discover page
– Re-share your friend’s playlist

Download Now
– Find new music
– See what kind of music your favorite celebrities are listening to
– Re-discover your love for sharing music

Still not ready to download MySound? Currently, there are no ads, and it is free! So what’s holding you back? Download MySound right now! (or don’t, we can’t control you)