LifeLog — personal diary – Mobile People Labs

LifeLog helps to preserve the past day’s memories, and all organize all the important events in life in chronological order. The places you visited, the photos you took, the notes you wrote – all these things will remain in your memory.

The app processes information on your device automatically, building a chronology of events, creating a single memory of the day. You can also add notes or links to it.

You can open a calendar anytime, select the day, or find an event/data using search. And then you can immerse yourself in memories: to live in memory the key events and feel the mood of that day.

We treat the personal space of our users with care and respect and do not share data with any third-party service, other sources, and applications, including the authors of the LifeLog. Memories will belong only to you, on your device only.

We have provided the ability to create a backup – and when you change your phone, you can keep all your memories.