FirstPulse – Kekai Apana

WARNING: This app overrides your do not disturb, auto-lock, and ringer or silent mode upon start of the app. With the installment of this app, you accept that FirstPulse has the ability to override your do not disturb, auto-lock, and ringer or silent mode. If you do not accept these guidelines, do not use our service.

FirstPulse helps emergency responders deliver High Performance CPR efficiently. All users are assumed to be an emergency responder or medical professional with the proper training of High Performance CPR. This service does not provide training for High Performance CPR and is not intended for civilian use.

• Verbal and visual instructions to help you give quality care.
• A simple interface made for easy use.
• Preloaded content means you have access to all features at anytime, even without reception or an Internet connection.
• Timers to track the duration of your CPR, when to switch, what tempo is needed for compressions, and when to give breaths.

This app is based on information from the Resuscitation Academy, which can be found at: This app has also been overviewed and tested by local health professionals.