Dadachron – Markus Teufel

Dadachron is a standalone 12 track MIDI Step Sequencer to control all 12 outputs of your dada machines automat controller. Simply plug in your iPad to the automat via USB MIDI and start triggering notes, it works plug and play.


• 1-32 steps with flexible clock divider and custom time signatures
• 12 mutable tracks with flexible length
• Up to 8 chain-able patterns
• Swing with flexible swing grid
• Save and restore your presets
• Parameter lock velocity, trigger probability, ratcheting
• Individual track length allows polyrhythms
• Ableton Link support

*newest automat software needed for velocity to fully work.*

Download now and get creative!

Dadachron works for the dadamachines automat only. If you want to control other midi devices or use the sequencer as AUv3, check out the Octachron MIDI Drum Sequencer.
The app dadachron does not create any sound by itself. dadachron requires iOS 11.


The automat is a plug & play MIDI-controller and accessories kit (automat toolkit) that allows anyone to build awesome music machines using the real world as their instrument.

The center of each toolkit is the automat controller. Plug in your favorite software or hardware MIDI input directly into the controller. For output, automat controller has 12 universal DC outputs to connect motors, solenoids, LEDs – whatever you want to start playing. No coding or soldering required!


dadamachines is a design studio dedicated to developing high-quality music technology products. dadamachines products attempt to make music creation more accessible to everyone.

They are designed and engineered in Berlin with attention to all details, have a minimalist – honest aesthetic and are built to last. Running our own little utopia and dreaming of a better world we take responsibility for our actions and manufacture locally whenever possible.

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Dadachron was developed by Markus Teufel, a indie iOS developer from Munich. For a more feature rich version of it check out octachron!