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Prepare yummy, healthy Korean food in just 20 minutes and 10 steps! Bibimbap is a great app if you want to try simple and straightforward Korean recipes but taste amazing. As a bonus, Korean food is super healthy and tasty. All recipes are created and tested by a skilled chef with years of experience teaching foreigners how to cook Korean food. All recipes are also accompanied by amazing pictures that make you even hungrier. Bibimbap is also 100% FREE! All the features and recipes are free to access. So, let’s get started and prepare food for your Korean style mukbang!
Do you like K-pop or K-drama? Or are you just interested in Asian cooking? Bibimbap is designed for home chefs, particularly people who are new to Korean cuisine. We want to make sure you will enjoy both the cooking process and the food you eat.
Many Korean dishes have lots of vegetables, and that’s why our food is super healthy. We do like to eat meat! Korean bbq is super popular after all. However, we always have to have a balanced meal for our health and also to maintain our weight. Each recipe will list the calorie and carb info for each portion to help you calculate your calorie and carb intake. Try cooking Korean food, and you’ll eat better and healthier in no time.

# 100% FREE. No subscription, in-app purchase.
# All recipe requires only 20 minutes or less to prep and cook.
# All recipe only has 10 steps in preparation and cooking.
# Recipes are created and tested by an expert Korean chef.
# Detailed explanation about each step (i.e., how to measure & boil water)
# Calorie and carb count for each portion.
# Stunning images for each recipe.
# Swipe to browse many recipes we have.
# Browse by food categories
# View best seller ingredients & buy directly from the app.
# Try our new, exotic recipes at home.
# Get the ingredients you need in the shopping feature.
# Order from major grocery and delivery services like Amazon.
# Your grocery will be delivered to your door.

What kind of recipe can you find in Bibimbap? Food will range from snacks or light meals such as the beloved tteokbokki to soups and stew such as Kimchi jjigae and full meals like bibimbap. Don’t be intimidated by how they look! They are super easy to make at home with minimal ingredients. Once you get the basic Korean ingredients like soy sauce, Korean chilli flakes, and Korean red chili paste, you can make most dishes in the recipe.
Bibimbap is the perfect app to try cooking Korean food. Try it now!

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