Zoop it – Stelvio Ventures Sdn Bhd

Are you a property agent?
Are you having difficulty closing deals?
Are you spending too much time searching properties for your customers?
Does scrolling up and down multiple chat groups & making calls to other agents to co-broke sound familiar?
Are you doing too much with little results?

Introducing Zoop, a platform that enables you to confidently and conveniently forward property proposals to your customers, without fear of losing customers to listing agents. Because with Zoop, only you have access to contact details of listing agents, while your customers only have yours!

With Zoop, you can find the right property for your customers in the shortest time possible, and which would drastically improve your results.

Get access to an ever-expanding list of properties that is already pre-agreed for co-broking. You will never run out of properties to recommend to your customers!