Zees ASMR – Zees LLC

Zees is the complete ASMR experience in one, simple to use app. It’s been built from the ground up with the help of many ASMR creators and fans, and will be continually shaped by their future feedback. It’s because of this collaborative effort that Zees has become the premium ASMR viewing experience that it is today.

Once downloaded, fans can immediately begin watching the countless ASMR videos they’ve come to love. Since Zees was designed strictly for ASMR, several features have been added to the app that enhance the ASMR experience. This includes a dark theme that’s easy on the eyes, an audio only mode for listening with your screen off, a sleep timer to ensure your device doesn’t stay active all night and the ability the download files for offline viewing.

Zees is currently a subscription based service. After an optional 3 day trial period, users will be required to subscribe to the service in order to continue using it, as well as unlock the various exclusive videos that also exist on the platform. A more detailed breakdown of Subscriptions can be found below.

• Subscriptions work on a 1 month, 3 month or 12 month plan. Plans are chosen during the payment process. Pricing may vary on your region.
• All payments are handled through your iTunes Account.
• Subscriptions will automatically begin renewing based on your selected plan. If you wish to cancel your plan, do so at least 24-hours prior to your next payment to ensure no charges occur.
• Subscriptions can be cancelled within the Subscriptions section of your iTunes Account or through the Settings>Profile & Subscription section of the app.
• A Free Trial option is available. After the trial period ends, access to the app will be restricted until a payment plan is chosen. If you opt to buy a payment plan early, you will forfeit any remaining Free Trial time on your account.
• Please visit our home page https://catchsomezees.com/ to read more info, including our Terms of Service https://app.zeesmedia.com/terms-conditions/ and Privacy Policy https://app.zeesmedia.com/privacy-policy/