You’re Fired! Job Simulator! – Marco Krapf

We are looking for a new staff member:

◉ Cashier & Front End

As a cashier, you are more than just an “item scanner”. You play a major role in how customer feel when they leave the store!

Duties & Skills

◉ Teamwork Skills
◉ Strong Work Ethic
◉ Analytical Skills
◉ Flexible
◉ Interpersonal Skills
◉ Problem Solving Skills
◉ Computer Skills
◉ Fast Hands
◉ Detail-oriented
◉ Leadership Skills
◉ Self-confidence
◉ Good communication skills
◉ 6 months internship, then negotiation for permanent position
◉ English speaking, plus: you can speak another language
◉ College degree
◉ Good at maths

We look forward to receiving your application documents.

Mr. Bill
Shop owner & CEO