YEP Nation Trade Show App – YEPNATION INC.

This app is an innovative technology solution for Supplier Diversity Trade shows. There has always been the issue of high printing costs and errors in printing that has an even higher cost. Most organizations like to hand out specialty items and most attendees like those items! Our program and service allows for a QR code image to be placed on the Specialty item and the user will always have access to all the information that the organization wants to give them. The app also has other uses such as providing valuable MBE training programs on topics such as Social Media Marketing and Business Plan Development.

The program has a Note Function that allows the user to dictate note and also take a picture of a booth if there is an information poster there. The scan function allows you to Scan a QR Code that we provide and a presentation will appear for the user to view.

Our Program trains young women how to develop Digital Media programs for business uses such as Online and Mobile learning, Mobile App Development, and Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for training applications. These projects funds our program and allows to reach more young women.