XpressXpense (Russell IPM) – RussellIPM

XpressXpense allows users to capture information from receipts of purchases in digital form to make the expenses process even easier and streamlined from a business point of view.
With XpressXpense you have the ability to upload a picture of the receipt and input details like vendor, description, Gross amount, Net amount, Tax and the date of the purchase.
When a user submits an expense the expense is sent to the approvers email address within the business and that person is then notified of a new expense.
Once approved the CSV report can be pulled to upload all expenses into Sage 50 Accounts which will allow bulk upload to purchase orders to reimburse the users, saving on time and labour.

Key Features:
· Eliminate the need for paper claim forms by making everything digital
– Save time and labour by bulk reviewing and uploading expenses to Sage 50 Accounts
– Upload images of receipts which are stored safely to eliminate the need for keeping paper receipts
– Monthly and Yearly reports of a user’s expense provided when a date range is inputted
– Email notifications to the approvers email address where the claim can be reviewed
– Visual dashboard of expense claims made within 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and the current year.
– Nominal Code selection list for use within Sage 50 Accounts
– Export Expense claims data to CSV with detailed headings making it easier to upload to Sage 50 Accounts in bulk for Purchase Orders to reimburse the expenses to the users