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ئەپڵیکەیشنی خزمەت، یەکەمین ئەپڵیکەیشنی دۆزینەوەی هەلی کار بە شێوازی ئۆنڵاین بۆ هەموو پیشەکان لە کوردستان

Ask for any service you want and you will find it in Xizmat Application, Fast, Reliable, Reasonable

Xizmat Application is the first Online Home service application which includes all services and businesses in Kurdistan.
If you are looking for an Electrician, a Plumber, Teacher, Lawyer, Doctor, Driver or any other services you can find it easily in Xizmat application.

Fast Service: you no longer need to look for a person to do your requests in the market. all services you need is just a tap away from you on Xizmat application 24/7. Find the service you are looking for and our service providers will call and come to you ASAP.

Reliable Staff: The best service providers have registered in Xizmat application. our service provider have a great background in their field and you can trust them to do the job perfectly.

Reasonable Prices: We monitor and supervise the price of services so you can be sure you will never pay extra for any services.