Xiaoxiang BMS – Lukas Deszynski

iOS app for Xiaoxiang BMS

With Xiaoxiang BMS you can build simple Li-Ion or LiFePo4 battery packs. For camping, car, solar or e-bikes.

Xiaoxiang BMS can be easily extended with an bluetooth adapter. It makes possible to monitor temperature, voltage, single voltage cell and alarms on your smartphone.

IMPORTANT: The app works only with batteries build with xiaoxiang BMS.

In the V1.0 only reading of values is supported. If people will like the app, I’m ready to implement in V2.0 features like:
– calibration
– max / min measurements storage
– charts
– parameter settings

NOTE: This is the first release. If you miss some features or have problems using the app, please open an issue at github! Thanks! https://github.com/smagicld/xiaoxiangBMS/issues