XECUTE+AR is designed to work with the XECUTE Enterprise Solution.

XECUTE is the industry’s first and only enterprise mine planning application for the ultra-short term planning horizon.

Combining design, reserving and scheduling in a single, dynamic, 3D environment, XECUTE represents a powerful breakthrough in the world of ultra-short term planning.

Inspired by gaming technology, XECUTE is designed for use for planning at shift and sub-shift levels, and operates with the level of granularity that is required in short-term mine planning horizons.

XECUTE+AR enables customers to view and interact with their enterprise site data in real time.

NOTE: Customers will require an existing XECUTE license and server to access their data. A demonstration site is available for interested customers to use and get a feel for the software.

XECUTE+AR supports augmented reality to give you an unprecedented view of your site data.