Xcross Fitness – madhav maheshwari

The App Xcross Fitness is a health and fitness App. It is designed in a manner to help a user manage the fitness needs as per their bodies.
The app collects the users data such as Weight, Height, and activity level, as per calculates the BMI of the user. Through this information the app helps the user in designing a health plan and fitness plan to either lose/gain weight.
As healthkit is the platform app for Ios users to help manage their health records. Our App uses the data such as daily walking trend, heart beat rate, to calculate the calories burnt on daily basis.
The integration of Our app with Healthkit will be forming a compatible data, in a way to calculate the calorie trend, requirement as per changes in users data over the period of time. The app consists of various workout videos, which calculates the tracking activity of workout with the details from the steps calculated in healthkit, also it calculates the calories from the health data provided which is automatically taken up above for calculating BMI, keeping it very specific to each user.
The app combines the whole data in such a format that creates a user data base compatible for all the health requirements to be checked on daily basis. As the features highlight above, it’ll integrate the water intake, calorie intake, activity tracking, which completes the users health check on daily basis by tracking it together.
The app also have plan section where user can buy any plans, to enjoy fitness videos.

App also have In-App Purchase for paid video Non-renewal subscription plan, user can buy any plan from plan list.
And also user can extend plans by purchasing another plans but can not extend same until it expires or can buy multiple plans at a same time.