WritSpark – Edward Prokopik

Spark your creative writing and set fire to paper! Or the internet, whichever’s better!

Exercise your brain every day using just a few words to kickstart your mind and send your head spinning. Expand your knowledge and your command of language to woo audiences worldwide. Overcome writer’s block!

Tap the logo to generate words.
Use the words to start writing.

Never heard of the word?
Tap the word for the definition search.
Want a style or format suggestion?
Hold the logo for guidance.

NOT A TRADITIONAL WRITING PROMPT APP. Simply a spark to start your fire.

Writ Spark instead focuses on generating sets of words that can be used to spark your creative side for a short story, song, poem, etc. This gives far more organic, diverse, and sometimes off-the-wall combinations, ideas, and themes that traditional writing prompts do not give.

It also doubles as an addictive way to learn words both ancient and new.