Workouts X – Big Fish Software

This app is designed for swim coaches to enter and run workouts. It is designed specifically for the iPad and iPhone to make it easy to create and modify workouts and is highly customizable so a coach can use their own terminology and descriptions to setup a workout.

One of the really cool features of the app is the built in pace clock that can run the workout that you designed. Hook it up to a projector or large TV at the pool and you have a pre-programmed pace clock that is setup for your workout. It even shows the set list so the swimmers know what they are doing.

Another advanced feature in this app is the ability to define sets that adjust the interval after each repeat. With this feature, it is easy to design a set of 10×100 on 1:20 minus 0:02 each repeat (1:20, 1:18, 1:16, …). This type of set would be difficult to keep track of with a normal pace clock, but with the built-in pace clock it is easy to know the current send off.

This application has been designed and tested by a number of coaches from age group to college teams. I hope you find this app useful for setting up and running practices for your own team.

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