Workflow TV – Workflow TV

Workflow is for Production Companies who focus on the production of
television commercials, stills campaigns, documentaries, music promos and
branded content. Secure, efficient and easy to use, we put your production
online, all on one interface.

Workflow is the mobile platform whereby Production Companies
communicate and interact with all the people involved in a shoot, from
Client and Advertising Agencies, to Crew Members, Cast Members and

Our mission is to provide production teams with the tools to ensure a much
more efficient, more streamlined and more cost-effective production.
Workflow improves information exchange, enables and supports more agile
production processes, maximises the team’s time, and reduces job costs.

The app has many job-specific features, such as:
● Contact Information – all the contact information for everyone on
your shoot
● Production Schedules – all your prep, shooting and post schedules
● Daily Call Sheets – your dailies in the palm of your hand
● Production Booklets – the entire production in one document on
your screen
● Locations – a breakdown of location information for each location,
including directions to each with any specific instructions from your
Unit Manager
● Crew Members – a list of all the crew on your shoot
● Cast Members – a list of all the cast on your shoot
● Creative – holds anything from your scripts, storyboards, script
breakdowns, shooting schedules, shot lists and post-production
timings, to your Director’s art department and wardrobe briefs, cast
and location briefs to basically anything you want to upload here,
which can be viewed, downloaded or shared with others
● Miscellaneous – includes flights, accommodation and any other
general job notes
● Notifications – CMS users can communicate directly with app users
● Time Logs – app users can capture their daily hours worked directly
onto the system

Workflow is a powerful and extremely effective production tool, making for
a far more efficient and effective production process for everyone involved.
Read more about Workflow at and please email us
on should you have any questions or suggestions.