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Word Composer is an exciting online spelling game which is suitable for all ages. You are about to compete with other players by spelling words! Each round you will be given 8 letter tiles and a key letter, try your best to make words as long as possible to build your advantage! Your vocabulary will be a great help to you in the game, but having a flexible strategy is important as well.

– A unique game rule give you a fresh game experience.
– Playing this game will greatly improve your vocabulary.
– In each game you will play with other 3 players from all over the world.
– The game will give automatic tips when you are trying to combine words.
– Playing words to get coins from other players!

How to play Word Composer:
Game Start
Each player gets 8 letter tiles at the beginning of game. When it’s your turn, you are going to use these letter tiles to make words as long as possible to win coins from other players!

Game Rounds
A single game is divided into 10 rounds. Each round 4 players shares a 40 second time to make words with their letters in hand.

Make a word
Tap or drag letter tiles into forming area to make a word, and play the word to win coins from other players! The longer word you make, the bigger coins you will get!

Switch Tile
For each game a player has 3 chances to switch a letter in hand with any letter they want. Drag a letter into the Switch Tile area to switch it!

Tap the Skip button to skip a round if you can’t or don’t want to play word in this round.

Requires iOS9 or later. Compatible with iPhone 5s or later, iPad mini.
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