Woody Sliding – Block Puzzle – Tuan Tran Sy

Enjoy the puzzle game Woody Sliding !

Woody Sliding is free and has simple rules.
It’s friendly but it’s a new way! It will also help you exercise your brain.


– Slide 1 to 4 blocks horizontally and align them in a single line.
– Blocks will keep coming up. If you get up to the 10th row, it’ll be a game-over, so be careful!
– If you play the game, you’ll see some unusual blocks.
 - TNT Block : Removing this block will also remove the surrounding blocks to help you!
 - Stone Block : This block has to be removed twice, so be careful! (If you become proficient, you can use this block to do more combos.)
– If the combo doesn’t stop, you can score more high.
– Set a high record, Be the best ranker about a Woody Sliding!

Depending on how skilled you are, your scores are very different. 🙂

Match your puzzles together with the sound of a nice wood block, and have fun together!