Easy, Simple, Real-time through Mobile

Learning Management App Launch for JEI Members

There is no need to worry on being behind in workbook progress even if the student did not attend classes. JEI app allows sharing photos of the completed workbooks and 1 on 1 consultation with JEI tutors.

1. Upload the photos of the completed workbooks
When you take a photo of a completed page, it is instantly sent to your JEI tutor.

2. 1 on 1 feedback from JEI tutors
The tutors check the workbooks in real-time and provide feedbacks on your learning.

3. Real-time chat service for learning consultations
Personalized learning consultations are provided to resolve your questions right away.

4. Learning progress monitoring for thorough learning management
Previous learning progress can be viewed to evaluate what needs to be fixed

5. Push alerts to encourage learning
Tutors can send out push alerts to encourage students learning according to their progress.