With His Light – Peadar Coyle

“With His Light” is a new free app dedicated to people that want to feel connected with God’s whenever they need it. Turn your commute or boring chores into meaningful times in God’s word.
The app includes daily devotions with Bible verses and lessons that help you understand and reflect on the meaning of the scriptures and God’s love.
Receive a daily devotional with new personalized content tailored to your needs and habits. The devotionals are short and easy to understand with thoughtful and inspiring topics that will help you apply God’s truth in your daily life.
If you want help with any of the following:
– reduce anxiety & worry by focusing on God’s love
– connect with God
– listen to The Scriptures and the Word of God
– pray
– feel better and be more motivated
– learn more about Christianity and the Bible
Transform your daily commute into meaningful worship experiences.
Start your day with a Godly outlook.

Spending time dedicated to God is important for Christians, for those times in life when you don’t have a church or it’s hard to attend. With His Light will help you stay connected with God by making it easy to continue to nurture your spiritual growth.