Westmed – MediSprout, Inc.

Rather than waiting on hold and games of phone tag that delay your healthcare, use Westmed to set up a scheduled, predictable video call so you get the help you need when you need it from the doctors who know you best. It’s like your doctor now offers virtual urgent healthcare when you need it from your doctor. If your doctor isn’t signed up with Westmed (no cost to sign up for them!) let them know or let us know and we can reach out to them ourselves! Avail the flexibility of seeing your doctor from the comfort of your home or office. All that is needed is a browser on desktop/laptop or a mobile phone with a data connection. You can search for a provider and submit a request for a visit/join a scheduled visit by your provider and also request an ad-hoc visit without prior appointments. Save your favorite/frequently visiting providers for easy access at a later date.
We are using Apple Health data to sync with our server, which will be shared with the Providers, in the form of graphs.