Westline – Chantha Gnen

The Westline School was founded in 2008 under the initiative of Mr.Pech Bolene who has served as an education administrator and a program developer in both local and international institutions for more than 10 years, and presently he serves as the president of the Education Development Institute (EDI) with the financial and spiritiual support from a group of students who are studying overseas and willing to join the governmnet to promote the education and economic sector in order to reduce the poverty in Cambodia.

The Westline School offers English Training programs from Pre-Kindergarten to advanced level within American standard and Khmer Academic Program from grade 1 to grade 12 within the standard of Ministry of Education Youth and Sports in Cambodia. The school also provides alot of facilites to promote the students learning environment for example, each classroom is equipped with modern air-conditioner and comfortable chairs. Besides this, we have libraries, computer laps, canteen, playground, video study, health care center and other additional programs such as music, art, and field trip to get real life practical experience. To ensure the good learning quality of students, The school has always paid great attention to maintain good relationship between the school and the parents school and guardians and the school and public relation.

By the end of each semester, the study records are always sent to the parent or guardians to inform them about their child learning progress, student attendance, and possible change of their behavior. The parent conference is always held twice a year. Moreover, the school always contributes its annual benifits to develop the educational sector, health services, and infrastructure of the commune where the school is located.

The education goal of The Westline School is to offer all the pupils and students in both English and Khmer programs good knowledge, skills and ability; above all, they will have pleasant and proper attitude, and they will become good children, good students, and good citizens for the country. They will help make positive development for the nation. We will warm you with our qualified education program.