Weather Wear – David Beilis

Get ready for the day with Weather Boy! He has something to wear for any weather you can imagine. Weather Boy keeps in mind the current temperature, what it feels like outside, and different weather conditions. He can remind you to dress warmly, take an umbrella, or anything else the current forecast requires. You can also look at the 24-hour and seven-day long forecasts to make plans in advance.


– Using the Weather Boy you can acquire an interpretation of what to wear for the current weather.

– Comprehensive weather forecast, detailing the hourly and daily weather. The hourly forecast can help you plan for the changes in the weather as the day progresses. The daily forecast can help you plan for the week and week-long trips.

– Choose a location to display the weather using: zip codes in the US, postal codes in Canada, airport codes, or major cities around the world so that you don’t reveal your exact location.

– Support for both metric and imperial systems (°C/°F).

– See the high and low temperatures for the day and week.

– Available in both dark and light mode.