WavePilots – Online Ambassadors Inc

In order for small businesses, new businesses or start ups to grow, you have to create a wave

That’s why the Wavepilots app is empowering businesses everywhere with an innovative referral system that connects individuals and compatible businesses to create an ever growing wave sphere that all can profit from.

On the Wavepilots app, you’re the pilot of your own wave and you reap all the benefits of building a salesforce without the expense
of overhead, hiring people, training, taxes etc.

You select who you let into your wave and thus be connected to them in your wave. Let your wavers be your eyes and ears to
to send you quality referrals from local to worldwide.

It’s really simple, all you have to do is download the Wavepilots app, join as a pilot, create your wave make your QR codes for your
goods and services. Then start to invite , for free, individuals and other businesses to join your wave and start building your wave referral system

You to can join any other waves you want to give referrals and make a commission as well. We are all connected!

The uniqueness of our QR code, PCI certified bank secured system, makes sure that your wavers are paid their commissions to their Wavepilots account keeping them happy and you getting more referrals

Download for free the Wavepilots app and never walk alone again! We are business helping business! CATCH THE WAVE!!