WatchFor – Appproved Software Corporation

WatchFor (PHASE 1) will “look” for places for you while you drive!

For example:
1) you just left a meeting cross town and you wanted some chicken nuggets. Tell WatchFor: “Wendy’s” and it will tell you if you come close to one in compliance with your distance limit.
2) You’re driving from work and need to buy a circular saw. Tell WatchFor: “Hardware Stores”
3) You’ve just finished attending a baby shower and driving home when “the horror” you need a pedicure badly! Tell WatchFor: “Nail Shop”

Usage of the app is simple. When you get in your car you:
1) Open up WatchFor and enter the type of place you ar looking for: Italian food, DMV, fast food, Home Depot, etc…
2) Goto setting and set your “sensitive distance away” while you are driving. The default is 5.0 miles.
3) Next start driving
4) while you are driving, you can now (for PHASE 1) look at the main screen of WatchFor and see the places that you asked to :watch for” you
5) If you see a place of interest from the change search results list, top on the address in the orange box. Maps with then open up and can then provide you turn by turn driving directions from your current location to get to that place.

For best battery usage, “Always Allow” WatchFor access to your phone’s location info so that WatchFor can run energy efficiently in the background.

WatchFor looks for places of interest while you drive.  Something Siri can’t do,..

WatchFor is destine to become the indispensable app for everyone that drives across the planet! ENJOY!!