wandrio: event horizon – Robert L Zimmelman

WANDRIO: Event Horizon

Fully Free to Play Online Multiplayer Game.

PLAY against other plays all across the globe.
CRAFT new items and equipment.
UPGRADE your character by defeating enemies and purchasing/looting new equipment.

Real-time PVP/E, Looting, Crafting, Buying!

Join and battle, in real-time, against other players and AI. Loot crates, defeat enemies, and boost your stats with items and quest rewards!

Are you a loner? Are you a pacifist? Want to explore and not have to deal with AI and players attacking you? Play the WANDRIO adventure want to play, and create your OWN custom lobby!

Having some difficulty??
Head over to the Shop or the Crafting Forge to expand your current stash and prepare for future battles.

* Requires:
* iCloud and Game Center ready account.
* Stable internet connection.

All in game purchases are made with in-game currency. This means that the game is fully free to play and every purchase made in game is not using real-life (earth) currency, but a fake, in-game currency.

WANDRIO: Event Horizon is currently in the early stages (alpha). Game/project is subject to change and server wipes should be expected.