Walky Cat – Ye Ho

The First Uniquely Retro 2D platform game with a decision-driven game story and multiple plot twists.

Explore the biggest classic 2D World with the following endless surprises:

• Featuring cute cat and puppy
• Collect cooking recipes to enhance your cat power
• Find new cat heroes with unique talents
• Relaxing Story mode
• Arcade mode with an insane difficulty obstacle course
• Fight powerful bosses
• Build up your farm
• Escape room mode and level design challenge
• Recruit a puppy to help you in your adventure
• Learn unique talents and skills
• Action-driven story-line
• Claw machine and water bubbles mini-games
• Optional GEM system, you can skip cash-shop totally, just an option for those who wish to.
• Connect to the World leaderboard (optional)
• Can be played offline if you do not wish to participate in the game events.
• NO Ads are forced (optional), but you can choose to watch the Ads if you want the extra rewards.
• Gamepad supported.

Walky cat is more than just a walking cat, this game focuses on cute animals and kindness in general, hoping that people care for vulnerable animals and the world; be kind to help anyone in need. Thank you for being lovely!