VROUD vendor is the resourceful platform in Singapore which helps you to connect with various entertainers, Food and Beverage service, Event managers and many more. Create the venue with multiple choices and features. You could manage vendors describe product features and tell people how to maximize its use. We are here to associate you in the program you are interested in with various amount of venue creation opportunity by your own in this town.
You could also create the venue services and post on the app to let people explore what’s new in the town. Great deals can be offered via this app by managing the features and facilities as you choose. By using vendor app you can keep track of events and proofs of concept in order to be reviewed by the VROUD appointed figures. If in any case you are new in the town this is the best choice to find something and make business better.
Don’t miss out the awesome opportunities offered to start your dreams with organizing the best venues, food festivals, great parties, exhibitions and services that are happening in our town. Explore yourself. Get to know many people in events each day with new upcoming gestures.