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These units used in laboratory and medical practice specially Vitamin E Unit Conversion between mg/dL and µmoI/L is provided by this app is a amazing helping app.This application is a great tool for laboratory.Now it is far easier to deal this conversion.It is also a good app for many students who really need of this conversion specially medical students.

No more need conversion table just on one click this app will solve the issue.Convert Vitamin E µmol/L to mg/L or mg/L to µmol/L with this app.Just choose the option and get your converted value. Vitamin E: 1 IU is the biological equivalent of about 0.67 mg d-alpha-tocopherol, or 0.9 mg of dl-alpha-tocopherol.

Vitamin E is found in a variety of foods, including oils, meat, eggs, and leafy vegetables. Serum vitamin E levels are strongly influenced by concentration of serum lipids and do not accurately reflect tissue vitamin levels. Effective vitamin E levels are calculated as the ratio of serum alpha-tocopherol per gram total lipids. Vitamin E reserves in lung tissue provide a barrier against air pollution and protect red blood cell membrane integrity from oxidation. Oxidation of fatty acids in red blood cell membranes can result in irreversible membrane damage and hemolysis. Studies are in progress to confirm the suspicion that oxidation also contributes to the formation of cataracts and macular degeneration of the retina. Because vitamin E is found in a wide variety of foods, a deficiency secondary to inadequate dietary intake is rare.But we can’t get idea of dosage and quantity.So this app will do that for you.

This app easily convert the values from one system of units to another. Now it is very easy to learn and convert from µmol/L to mg/L or mg/L to µmol/L.Share this app with your all medical friends.