Virtual Hobart Town LD – Lithodomos VR

Experience convict-era Hobart Town in Virtual Reality. View nine 360-degree scenes that explore different aspects of daily life in the colony of Van Diemen’s Land. Colonial Hobart has been digitally recreated to illustrate how the town may have looked in c1828, during the time of Governor Arthur. The wharf is a hive of activity, bullock trains are slowly moving goods through the town, chain gangs are hard at work while soldiers keep watch.

Virtual Hobart Town represents a detailed and accurate 3D digital model of the historic town based on historic maps, artworks and building plans from Tasmania’s priceless archival records. Historic newspaper articles and convict records have used to populate the model with historic characters and events from Hobart’s past.

Embark on your tour as a self-guided exploration utilising GPS based navigation to guide you to each viewpoint. Or explore in the comfort of your own arm chair, anywhere in the world. Your GPS will identify your position and recommend an appropriate option.

The tour is an engaging experience of colonial Hobart, while the accurate reconstructions and detail make it an ideal educational tool.

Please note that VR goggles are not needed for this application, but they are supported for viewing 360 degree scenes and recommended for a more immersive experience.

* Explore 9 viewpoints in 360-degree detail.
* Each viewpoint explores a different aspect of life in Colonial Van Diemen’s Land.
* Interactive buttons in each scene explore the stories and introduce historic characters.
* View historic artworks and newspaper articles placed in historic and spatial context.
* Sounds scapes and narration included (scenes are best viewed with sound on).
* Options for a physical self-guided tour or a remote experience.
* GPS enabled navigation to guide you to each viewpoint (self-guided tour option).
* VR goggles are supported but not required.