Video Quizzes-Listen N Answer – Isabel Caulfield

A very simple ,amazing and ads free app to check your capabilities to listen and answer after watching a video.

In this app, there are three levels – level 1, level 2, level 3.

In each level of app ,user will be shown a video .User will have to watch and listen the video carefully.On the basis of video shown, user will be a given question and with each question four options will be provided.

User will have to select the correct answer of question from the options available.

If the answer selected by the user will be correct ,the answer will be marked as correct and if the answer selected by the user will be incorrect , the answer will be marked as incorrect.

At the end of each level, user will be shown the total marks scored by them in respective level.

Download the app and check your capabilities of answering questions on listening and watching videos.