Video Compressor & Cleaner – Praksh Jat

Photos and videos occupy most of the storage space on your device. This not only eats up your phone memory but also makes sifting through your photos a complicated task. It can also affect your device performance.
Therefore, you need a way to manage and optimize your iOS library. Video Compressor is a splendid application designed to take care of all these problems. It quickly scans your device’s gallery to find all the duplicate photos & large videos. Read on to find its amazing features and benefits.

Why Use Video Compressor?
If you like to keep your library organized and clutter free, Video Compressor is the perfect tool for you. It helps you to scan and remove similar photos, compress large videos and view your photo library in a refined manner. All unique features in a single compact app! It really is an all-in-one application to optimize your device library.

Key Features of Video Compressor

1. Video Compressor
The Video Compressor searches your entire library for large videos that can be compressed to reduce their size. It compresses your storage eating videos without compromising the video quality and provides you increased device space. Just choose a compression level to compress your videos and do so much more with the recovered space.

2. Duplicate Photos Cleaner
It scans your device’s library and identifies all the similar/duplicate photos. Now, you don’t have to put on tiresome efforts to manually go through your library to find duplicate photos. This unique application saves your precious time by eliminating the manual efforts and automating the process for you. Just a single tap and you’re done!

Special Highlights
Loads in seconds
Interactive user-friendly interface
One-tap scanner and cleaner
Powerful & precise scanning algorithm
Works in background so you can utilize time to do other stuff

What All can you do with Video Compressor?
Free up Space
Recover chunks of device space by removing duplicate photos, compressing videos, and deleting large photos & videos.

Organize Photo Library
Get an organized Photo library by getting rid of duplicates.

View in Batches
All the duplicate photos are shown in different batches for easy viewing.

Preview Photos
Take a clear look at the photo/video before removing/compressing it.

Auto-Mark Duplicates
Automatically mark the duplicate photos for easy deletion.