Vet Help – Hannibal Studios

Vet Help adds two important capabilities to your watch.

1. Take a respiration or pulse without looking at your watch.  
Choose the time interval that makes the most sense for you and start counting. 
Haptic feedback alerts you when to start and stop counting.  
Use the digital crown to dial in the count and the pulse/respiration rate is calculated for you.

2. Using just the Digital Crown dial in weight and mg/kg rate and the total mg is calculated. Different weight ranges fare supported for data entry. Supports weight in KG or LB.

So that’s what it does. If you’ve read this far maybe you would like to know why I wrote this app.

A few years ago I had a small pure white cat. We knew she had a heart murmur when we got her as a kitten but were not concerned as often murmurs heal with age. Unfortunately Corky’s did not. She did fine until she was about 12 and then the murmur started getting worse. Our vet recommended taking we take her resting respiration rate to monitor her health. That was difficult as watching her breathing and looking at my watch inevitably made me miss the end time or miss some breaths.

But I had an Apple Watch with haptic feedback. A few days later taking the respiration rate was simply a matter of tapping the watch to start the count and waiting for the watch to thump my wrist. Then dial in the count and see the rate. The first version, purely for personal use was born.

As it turns out my son-in-law is a veterinarian. When I showed him the respiration counter he asked if I could add a mg/kg * kg calculator. We did some research and there are many veterinarian related calculator apps, but each one is only iPhone based and typically incorporates 10..20 distinct calculators. They are useful but not convenient for simple calculations that are done many times a day.

Creating a calculator that works on a watch was more challenging than one on an iPhone. I’ve strived to make the data entry quick and accurate, using only the digital crown.  

I hope the app works for you.