Velocia – Velocia

Velocia is a rewards app that allows you to earn VELOs for solving traffic and having fun on your daily commute. Velocia has partnered with Public Transit Authorities and On-Demand Transportation providers (ride-hailing, car-sharing, bike/scooter sharing and carpooling apps) to incentivize and reward your commuting behaviors. If you rent a scooter, ride the metro or car-share on the weekend, Velocia rewards you for commuting the right way. VELOs earned are automatically tracked without the need to log any trips. VELOs are free and never expire. Once you have earned your VELOs, you can redeem them on your favorite mobility service apps. Discounts and free rides with Lyft, Getaround, SwiftSeat and even with your local Metro Authority. It’s about time you started having fun on your daily commute!

Download the Velocia App and start getting rewarded…

How to use the App:

Download the Velocia App
Connect all of your on-demand transportation apps (Uber, Lyft, Getaround, SwiftSeat, Public Transit and more!)
Start earning and redeeming with your favorite mobility services