Val-A – Val-A, Peer-To-Peer, LLC.

Val-A is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell parking spot reservations to and from each other using a method we created known as parking spot auctioning. Users now have the ability to monetize the current space their vehicle is occupying by communicating information that will help the next users locate parking faster.

This is achieved in 6 simple steps:

1. Find a parking spot.

2. Post your parking spot for others users to bid on.

3. Users now can place bids for the rights to the information of your parking spot reservation.

4. A user will win the auction.

5. Both users vehicle information is shared along with a GPS navigation on how to directly get to the parking spot.

6. Both users switch spots, confirm payment and rate each other.


Start taking your time back and park Val-A today!

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