UtilaApp – Yanick Beauregard

Developed by a local especially for tourists!

Find the best secret spots!

100% offline detailed map to take you everywhere. Save a bundle in roaming fees. Go anywhere you want on the island by using navigation mode.

Find everything you want near you.


⁃No internet connection required
⁃No international fees

Powerful search
⁃Powerful search engine for points of interest near you.
Hundreds of places to discover and visit:
Attractions, restaurants, shops, bars, dive shops, sightseeing spots

Easy trip planning tool.
Select and book the best hotel, dive shop (only online available).

Get access to everything you’re looking for:

Find out:
-Where the ATM with the lowest withdrawal fees is located.
-Where you can download over free Wi-Fi.
-Where the best spot to watch the sunset is located (you can comment and leave an opinion).
-Which restaurant has a special on a given day.
-How to contact a restaurant that will take your order remotely.
-Contact information to get a taxi that will drive you around the island.
And a lot more….

Developed by a local especially for tourists!