Ultra Boost Revo – ECU=SHOP

Ultra Boost Revo New products from ECU = SHOP Application for display RPM CRP TURBO BOOST. MAP SPEED. Connect to the box wirelessly And has a mode to choose from 4 operating modes with AI Mode that automatically changes the operation mode Super advanced technology at a tangible price Guaranteed to increase horsepower up 30 – 50. Do not release smoke. 1 year warranty for the control box.
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or www.ecu-shop.com

– AI Mode operation system
– control chang operation mode
– shows the oil pressure from the sensor
– Display mode
– Show Rpm
– Show Boost (Bar)
– Show Air Flow (g/s)
– Show Map/Air Flow (V.)
– Show Acp ​​(%)
– Show Speed ​​(GPS)
– Show the installed car model
– Show location and weather, air pressure, wind speed, temperature