Ultenic – Shenzhen Proscenic Technology Company Limited

Ultenic APP is an interactive platform connecting mobile phones with smart home appliances.With Ultenic APP, you can realize the interaction between mobile phones and smart appliances.This APP currently supports robot vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, humidifiers, air fryers, and sous vide precision cookers, electric toothbrushes and other home appliances. Somefunctions are continuously being developed. With Ultenic, you can define your life!
The functional characteristics are as following:
Device connection —— supports one mobile APP to connect multiple smart devices
Remote control —— you can control the device when you are not at home, and check the real-time working situation of the device
Working mode —— a variety of cleaning modes are available to meet your various cleaning needs
One-click sharing —— one device can be shared by multiple people, you can use the machine with your family members and friends together
Smart schedule —— easy to schedule the working time and working modes of the device