UHE iConsult – Caregility Corporation

Caregility’s UHE iConsult mobile app connects to the HIPAA compliant secure UHE platform to provide a full audio/video experience in the clinical setting. A clinician interfaces and controls the application for two-way video/audio communications and collaboration. The clinician uses UHE iConsult to access a wall-mounted system or mobile cart. The app gives the user full control over the camera, speaker and microphone in the room, as well as the ability to add other participants into the call, including specialists, family and other care team members. The same UHE iConsult app can also be used as a clinical collaboration tool with other mobile users across all telehealth programs that utilize two-way audio and/or video communications.

**NOTE: The user of this app must have an active UHE platform customer account.**

The app provides four key capabilities:
CLINICIAN – Easily invite another UHE user to a video call.

GUEST – Easily invite a guest (non-UHE user) to a video call via text or email link. The recipient simply clicks the invitation link to join the call. Nothing for the guest to download!

BEDSIDE – An easy way to join a patient room via video with full camera control and the ability to invite a second participant into the video call.

SIP/H.323 – Start a video call with a standards-based endpoint in a clinical or conference environment.

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