UFO Strike : Castle Smash – Sebastian Thomas

This game lets you fly your UFO styled drone through a medieval world with castles and trees. The castles are heavily guarded by advanced defense systems. These advanced anti-drone systems track your UFO drone and attack you. You aim to drive your drone from start to end taking down as many castles and weapons on the way.

Your UFO is armed with highly advanced laser guns that can take down castles and weapons. It also has shielding capabilities to protect your UFO from enemy attacks. But your UFO drone doesn’t have infinite resources. But don’t worry. The world is full of resources that can be used by the UFO. A lot of power-ups are available throughout the land which can be used to heal your health, refill your fuel tank, restore shield and OfCourse energize the laser cannon.

Its super simple to control your UFO. On your left, you have the controls to steer the drone to left or right and to forwards and backward. On your right, you have the weapons controls and also your thruster controls to push against the gravity of the world. Use the movement controls and thrusters effectively to steer your UFO without colliding with obstacles but picking up power-ups.