UEB PREP – Universal Design Lab

Introducing a new, exciting way to learn braille

The thought of picking up braille can be a daunting challenge for prospective learners. There is an endless variety of educational resources to choose from and the commitment involved in learning the braille code can be prohibitive to time-strapped individuals and working parents. UEBPrep offers a modern solution to these problems by presenting braille in a format that can be accessed in the same amount of time that it takes to read an email, send a text message, or read an article online.

The UEBPrep walks users through the process of learning braille by introducing basic concepts like the alphabet and progressively moving towards contractions, wordsigns, and more. Users reinforce course content by moving through interactive exercises including multiple choice questions, reading translations, and fill-in-the-blank problems. Learners can also use a built-in braille keyboard to braille individual words and full sentences, which allows for practical practice and deeper learning in a fun and engaging way. Other features like accessible games and a math curriculum will be released in the future as well!

If you’ve ever struggled to allocate the time necessary to take a class or dive into a braille workbook, UEBPrep is the alternative that you’ve been waiting for. Download the app and start learning with your phone today!